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Spa Products

Finally! The Nomination, No Chemical, All Natural, Less Expensive Solution to Cleaning YOUR SPA!

+ $9.82 Shipping and Handling + Sales Tax if in Michigan
(Domestic Shipping only-Please contact for outside US Sales)

This Product is for the Chemical Intolerant!

Finally, The No-Maintenance, No Chemical, All Natural, Less Expensive Spa Solution. 

Spa Products

The Penetrating Spa Cleanser product will clean away chemical residues which have built up deep inside your spa plumbing and pump.

Before starting with the "ALL NATURAL WATER TREATMENT & CONDITIONER" product we highly recommend this treatment for 100% success.

$34.95 + $9.82 Shipping and Handling + Sales Tax if in Michigan
(Domestic Shipping only-Please contact for outside US Sales)

The Penetrating Spa Cleanser Will Add Years of Life to Your Spa


Spa Products

Chlorine-Free Shock

SeaKlear Chlorine-Free Shock is a superior shock product. It helps keep your water odor-free, and you can use your tub in just 15 minutes after treatment.

  • Removes odors and chlorine smell
  • Shocks with active oxygen, not chlorine
  • Eliminates contaminates chlorine, oils and perspiration
  • Effective with bromine, mineral purifiers and ozones

$14.99 for a 2-pound bottle, plus shipping 

Spa Products

Natural Clarifier SeaKlear

Natural Clarifier works better and does more than other clarifiers. The patented chitosan polymer formula has been proven to be very reliable at safely keeping water clear, easily and effectively.

  • Naturally clarifies cloudy water
  • Eliminates oil and scum
  • Safe to use with all sanitizers
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Makes cleaning filters quick and easy

$9.99 for a 16-ounce bottle, plus shipping


Spa Products

Complete Start-Up Kit

Comes with everything you will need to maintenance your hot tub.

  • One bottle of the Penetrating Cleanser
  • One bottle of SeaKlear Chlorine-Free Shock
  • One bottle of SeaKlear Natural Clarifier

$94.95, plus shipping

Hot tub products
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